Great design reinforces the message!

My great respect for the written word motivates an appearance that will match the meaning of your copy and a final product that your readers will find easy to read and understand. That’s my commitment to your content.

Books Beyond Words

Once in the long forgotten history of publishing, all copies of books were painstakingly hand copied, and the long suffering scribes added beauty and made each copy unique by adding what is called illumination to the text.  These consisted of little illustrations for the leading capitals and chapter headers and often decorations in the margins […]

Connie Talbot–Is giving a child what she wants the right thing to do?

I received an email recently with links to videos showcasing Connie Talbot, the child singer who stole the show on Britain’s Got Talent in 2007.  At six years of age, the little girl displayed a great deal of natural talent, not only for singing, but for performing, standing all alone on that stage and belting […]

Product spotlight: Maggie’s Treasure

Another great little book from Sable Creek Press, Maggie’s Treasure is the first fiction book I’ve ever had the pleasure to design.  It’s a great milestone for me as a designer since it also represents my first opportunity to direct a photo shoot with a real model and design a fiction cover.  Not only was […]

Preaching the wrong gospel

When the results of the elections came in last night, I became very depressed. Not only do I feel like my country has voted away the freedoms that men and women have given their blood, sweat, and tears to preserve for decades, but I see a very dismal future ahead. Seeking comfort in my period […]

How liberal democrat socialists violate the separation of church and state

I was finally able to watch the Presidential Forum at the Saddleback Church, and some of Barack Obama’s responses and the comments that some “Christians” posted on the above blog prompted me to put some serious thought into the issues as he sees them.  Obama seemed to couch his responses in religious, even biblical, terms […]

Happy Memorial Day!

I just wanted to quickly post my appreciation for all US veterans and currently serving troops. This country could not exist without your sacrifices. Thank you for my freedoms and my safety. I’ve also been playing around with my WordPress theme. I finally have come up with something that at least somewhat compliments my website. […]

Why my vote doesn’t count

Tomorrow, I’ll be showing up at the Kentucky Primary to cast my vote for, among other things, who I want to have the Republican nomination for President in the national elections this coming fall.  I’ve been watching primary election results since very early this year, itching to have my say, but now, when it finally […]

Great tools for book designers in InDesign CS3

I’m still delving into the new features of Adobe InDesign CS3, but I’m happy to say that there were some great advances for book designers in this version. Some of them are just time savers and some of them are streamlining of workflows. Here are a few of my new favorites: After many requests since […]

Product spotlight: Think on these Things

I’ve decided to start spotlighting some of the projects that I have worked on as they become available for purchase. So here is the first of my product spotlights. My first project for Sable Creek Press is now available for purchase. The wonderful little devotional/journal entitled Think on these Things is great for young Christian […]