Testimonials. What people say.

Some of my clients feedback:

I am SO amazed that you are doing this ‘far above what I would ask or think!’ In every way I am thrilled. I’m truly not that easy to please—you just must be really good!!!

– Janet Shay, Sable Creek Press

Your skills improved our books and we appreciate you!

– Sandy Sprott, Kimble Creek Press

I love it! I like the color scheme you selected and I like how it all balances out with the title, sub-title and banner. . . . This might sound weird as feedback, but I can almost envision what the rest of the design work will now look like . . . great job! 🙂 [responding to cover concept]

– Karen Finn, author Is Your Fruit Sweet or Sour?

I have sent several folks your way, everyone loves the cover of Elsie. I am working on a second book that is her mountain years. I know I will have you do the cover for that.

– Barbara Anne Waite, author Elsie, Adventures of an Arizona Schoolteacher