Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed!

I was privileged to catch a pre screening of Ben Stein’s new feature documentary today. WOW! It’s so good to finally see some of this stuff exposed to the light of day. I’ve been aware that it’s been going on because I personally know people who have struggled with the stranglehold that the “scientific” establishment has on anti-Darwin philosophy, but to see it put together in this documentary somehow makes it seem even more underhanded and dirty. I knew that there were rights being suppressed and lives ruined and I’ve even known why, but this documentary really gives viewers a good grasp of why this debate is so important and what’s at risk if it continues to be ignored by the mainstream.

I support the theme of this documentary wholeheartedly. I strongly urge everyone to see it as soon as it is released in theaters. Even if you are an ardent evolution supporter, you need to see this because there are things going on that you should know about. Ignorance is never a good excuse and, with this documentary airing some hidden truths about how the scientific establishment works here in the USA, you have no excuse anymore for that ignorance.

Check out the movie website!

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