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“Those people” who resent Government assistance programs

I recently read a blog post complaining about people who have a prejudicial attitude towards “those people” who are forced to ask for help from a food drive.  I understood the sentiment of the author. Anyone and everyone could end up in those circumstances and so everyone should be sensitive not only in how they […]

I use PDF Snake for pre-press imposition!

I’ve often extolled the virtues of Adobe InDesign as my page layout application of choice, and while InDesign includes some basic imposition features, if you need to do anything really complicated you should look into getting PDF Snake.  PDF Snake works with Adobe Acrobat Pro and gives you all the imposition features you could possibly […]

Great design reinforces the message!

My great respect for the written word motivates an appearance that will match the meaning of your copy and a final product that your readers will find easy to read and understand. That’s my commitment to your content.