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When Secrets Come Home

The third book in the Gatlin Fields series posed some problems with the main cover photo. We originally shot “Maggie” in a nightgown, but later decided that pajamas were more authentic to the era. So we custom made a pajama top in fabric we hoped reflected the Depression era and shot new poses. The rescheduled […]

In the Shadow of the Enemy

In the Shadow of the Enemy, Book 2 in the Gatlin Field series by Sandra Waggoner, continues Maggie’s story. The photos for this cover were taken at the same time as the photos for Maggie’s Treasure. And the first three book covers were concepted as a set. A separate shoot was scheduled a few months […]

Maggie’s Treasure

Maggie’s Treasure was one of my first projects for Sable Creek Press. The book had been previously published with a different cover, but the publisher was releasing it again as the first of a series and wanted a cover that had elements that could be reused for a series. I was able to come up […]