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Product spotlight: Maggie’s Treasure

Another great little book from Sable Creek Press, Maggie’s Treasure is the first fiction book I’ve ever had the pleasure to design.  It’s a great milestone for me as a designer since it also represents my first opportunity to direct a photo shoot with a real model and design a fiction cover.  Not only was […]

Preaching the wrong gospel

When the results of the elections came in last night, I became very depressed. Not only do I feel like my country has voted away the freedoms that men and women have given their blood, sweat, and tears to preserve for decades, but I see a very dismal future ahead. Seeking comfort in my period […]

Happy Memorial Day!

I just wanted to quickly post my appreciation for all US veterans and currently serving troops. This country could not exist without your sacrifices. Thank you for my freedoms and my safety. I’ve also been playing around with my WordPress theme. I finally have come up with something that at least somewhat compliments my website. […]

Product spotlight: Think on these Things

I’ve decided to start spotlighting some of the projects that I have worked on as they become available for purchase. So here is the first of my product spotlights. My first project for Sable Creek Press is now available for purchase. The wonderful little devotional/journal entitled Think on these Things is great for young Christian […]

Twisted artistic endeavors

My brother has a style all his own.  After playing around in the playground of his new artistic endeavor, I have to give him a wave and a nod from my own more staid and much more traditional (ahem, boring) front office.  Maybe I need some of his artwork to liven things up.  Have a […]

Blizzard in KY!

So I’m cozied up at home with no place to go and no desire to go there. When was the last time that Northern Kentucky was under a blizzard warning? I don’t know, but I’d be surprised if they happen very often. Hopefully I will be asleep when the actual blizzard conditions prevail, sometime during […]

Now in WordPress!

Well, folks, I finally managed to update my blog to WordPress. Over the next little while I will be trying my hand at customizing it into something far nicer that coordinates better with my website, but for now, enjoy!


Okay. For those of you who know me, you know that I have always insisted that I would never do a blog. I can’t even keep up a personal journal, so what makes me think I can keep up a blog? Well, I have the website, I have the tools … so why not blog? […]