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I refuse to date divorcees

I’ve never been married, I’m a Christian, and I’m a forgiven sinner living under God’s perfect grace. I’d like to say I’m not self-righteous, but I’ve been told that I am. I’ve been told that I’m the most horrible kind of Christian because I judge others without any grace. If I’ve been called so, I […]

Dear Lauren Wiggins

I write this publicly to answer the concerns you made public in the letter you sent to your school principal regarding the dress that was deemed inappropriate for school. First, I want to congratulate you on writing a well-thought out letter that contained appropriate diction, spelling, and grammar. You deserve recognition for being able to […]

Where True Love = Hate

Over the last couple weeks, the whole Chick-fil-A and Dan Cathy “traditional marriage” storm has created a great deal of public shouting all over the media and Facebook. I’m not even sure that anyone is hearing anything anymore. I’ve quit posting replies on Facebook because it’s impossible to really get your point across in short […]

Born that way . . . why the excuse is not valid

I was born this way I, like all babies, was born with a tongue thrust reflex. This is a very valuable reflex where the tongue forces any foreign material out of a baby’s mouth and prevents choking. For some babies, this means that things like pacifiers and bottles get pushed out as often as they […]

Connie Talbot–Is giving a child what she wants the right thing to do?

I received an email recently with links to videos showcasing Connie Talbot, the child singer who stole the show on Britain’s Got Talent in 2007.  At six years of age, the little girl displayed a great deal of natural talent, not only for singing, but for performing, standing all alone on that stage and belting […]

How liberal democrat socialists violate the separation of church and state

I was finally able to watch the Presidential Forum at the Saddleback Church, and some of Barack Obama’s responses and the comments that some “Christians” posted on the above blog prompted me to put some serious thought into the issues as he sees them.  Obama seemed to couch his responses in religious, even biblical, terms […]

Why my vote doesn’t count

Tomorrow, I’ll be showing up at the Kentucky Primary to cast my vote for, among other things, who I want to have the Republican nomination for President in the national elections this coming fall.  I’ve been watching primary election results since very early this year, itching to have my say, but now, when it finally […]

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed!

I was privileged to catch a pre screening of Ben Stein’s new feature documentary today. WOW! It’s so good to finally see some of this stuff exposed to the light of day. I’ve been aware that it’s been going on because I personally know people who have struggled with the stranglehold that the “scientific” establishment […]

Weighing in on popular debates: PDF versus native files

The project has all its approvals and is ready for the printer. Now what? It’s a growing debate in the design community whether or not to submit to a third-party printer press-ready PDF files or native files. There are pros and cons to either practice. Pros for submitting PDFs include the tamper-proof finality of the […]

Unashamably weighing in on the political debates

Well, it’s another presidential election year, and once again the US is drowning in political rhetoric. Nothing shows the diametrically opposed political sides in the US more then the spewing of ideals over the airwaves on a primary night. Now that I’ve listened to several nights of speeches and promises, I’m ready to air some […]