Blizzard in KY!

So I’m cozied up at home with no place to go and no desire to go there. When was the last time that Northern Kentucky was under a blizzard warning? I don’t know, but I’d be surprised if they happen very often. Hopefully I will be asleep when the actual blizzard conditions prevail, sometime during ‘o-dark-hundred, but my area is predicted to have between 11 and 15 inches on the ground by tomorrow afternoon–drifting to two feet where the wind doesn’t whip it away. I have no idea if I’ll be able to dig my car out tomorrow, but I will probably get a bit stir crazy if I don’t get out all weekend.

Pulled up the blinds in my bedroom with my camera in hand, thinking to get a pretty picture of the snow in my backyard and caught a deer–actually four deer–wandering around in the trees back there. Poor critters are probably pretty hungry by now what with the late summer drought and a long winter. Considering that the little bit of woods back behind my house is actually quite small and surrounded by residences and a large high school, they must be getting desperate.

Doe see snow!

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