Monthly Archive: March 2007

Weighing in on popular depates: iMania

OK, is it just me or has western culture gone more than a little iCrazy? If Apple can’t win on the computer front, it definitely stands on top of the world on other fronts. Stick an “i” on the front of it and just wait for the hordes to arrive, willing to spend big bucks […]

Weighing in on Popular Debates–InDesign vs Quark

I’m probably not the best qualified to weigh in on this debate to a great degree. I’ve used InDesign since version 1 and was a PageMaker user prior to that. However, I have opened and printed Quark documents from Quark 4.1, and I have to say I have never seen a clunkier program. Maybe I’m […]

Weighing in on Popular Debates–Apple vs. Microsoft

Ten years ago, this was a much bigger issue then it is now. The compatibility between the rival systems was unreliable, and users could tell at a glance which system a given file was produced on and, if it was the rival to the one they favored, they could honestly reject the file because of […]


Okay. For those of you who know me, you know that I have always insisted that I would never do a blog. I can’t even keep up a personal journal, so what makes me think I can keep up a blog? Well, I have the website, I have the tools … so why not blog? […]